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Business Books

Great CEOs Are Lazy

Stop doing all the things. Here's what to do instead.


Goal-Free Living

What if your goals are keeping you from succeeding?

The Law of Recognition

How to recognize what God's already given you.

(Fun) Logic Books

The lawyer & professor in me both feel the need to share these with you.

Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments

Quick, fun, easy read. The first of two poor reasoning powerhouses.

The Fallacy Detective

38 of the most common logical fallacies. You'll start hearing them everywhere.

Logic: A Complete Introduction

A solid primer on logical thinking. Learn how to craft better arguments.

Thinking Games

Mastermind (Game)

For those who like solving patterns and breaking codes. Can you crack the code before you run out of moves?

Sequence (Game)

Gin Rummy, meets Chess, meets the lottery. Strategy games for card-counting, spatial competitors.

Blokus (Game)

Strategic & competitive. Try to block out your competitor. Good for spatial types.