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God-Given Gifts: Scriptures List & Workbook


I hope you enjoy this free download of my Five Scriptures List & Workbook. This 12-page, full-color workbook is a bonus for my subscribers.

The workbook is a part of my business and personal development system that starts with helping you identify your God-given gifts.  

Then I help you build a business around your gifts and align it with God’s Word in order to achieve personal fulfillment, honor God, and add value to your communities.

Convert Your God-Given Gifts Into a Lucrative Biz You 💜


  • 14-Page, full color PDF report
  • Turn your hard-earned expertise into your Expert Empire
  • Build a business around YOUR gifts that your grandkids can benefit from
  • Learn how people are succeeding in the knowledge economy RIGHT NOW
  • Put your knowledge, wisdom, and experience to a higher (and more lucrative) use!
  • Profitably share your gifts with the world

Your Gifts ARE Your Business!


Learn the Key Strategies to Build a Bible-Based Business Around YOUR God-Given Gifts! The Bible offers a lot of direction about succeeding in business.

First, it offers the example of God Himself - the Original Empire-Builder. Then it offers the lives and adventures of several VERY successful businesspeople - like Abraham, Boaz, Lydia, and Solomon, to name a few

Then it gives clear instructions about our gifts and how to use them in the Kingdom.