Why ConvertKit Makes Sense for My Business

Cori Willis

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ConvertKit is a great tool for both power users, beginners, and the messy middle folks like me.  Here’s what I’m loving.

ConvertKit has all of the basics: opt-in pages, landing pages, automations, evergreen sequences, scheduled emails, A/B testing, customizable email templates (and growing), tagging, segmenting, lead magnet delivery, customer analytics, and more.

It also offers conditional and behavior-based logic, an extensive commerce plan, paid newsletters, cross-promotion of other creator newsletters, Snippets and content blocks for sharing blocks of content across multiple emails.

With all of that, it’s not just an email marketing platform; it's an integrated system that synergizes with your overall business strategy. 

In this post, I'll cover the parts of CK that I’m loving: automated email courses (free & paid), sending my weekly Friday Four newsletters, native (one-click) third-party integrations with all of my other platform, customer data analysis, and its utility for creating lookalike audiences on Facebook.

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Here’s What I’m Loving Now About ConvertKit

Email Courses.

I’ve built my business on email courses.  From the very beginning of my business, I’ve created both free & paid email courses and ConvertKit has been essential in that business model.  In fact, CK has incredible features that I haven’t even played with yet which would make my courses even better.

The automations are click-click easy and allow for tracking customers, completion rates, and easy segmenting and tagging (just don’t get too tag happy).

I haven’t had any deliverability issues with my weekly newsletter or my email courses.  My customer dashboard shows my deliverability, open rates, 

CK’s conditional logic allows me to send one email that shows certain sections only to specific customers that are grouped due to some shared behavior or interaction with my brand.  For example, previous buyers could receive a particular paragraph, renewals receive a different paragraph, and non-buyers receive a third - all in the same email.

Seamless Third-Party Integrations

With a simple copy & paste, ConvertKit is rich enough to support integration with almost any platform you can think of, from eCommerce systems like Shopify to CRM solutions like Salesforce.  I use  it in my WordPress, Leadpages, ThriveCart, and others.  This reduces friction and streamlines my data flow and work processes.  I call it click-click easy.  

In fact, ConvertKit is the gold standard for email integrations.  No new software company would choose not to build a native integration with ConvertKit.  It’s almost a given, really.

Leveraging Lookalike Audiences on Facebook

I use ConvertKit's advanced segmentation to create lookalike audiences on Facebook. These are modeled on my highest-rated subscribers and buyers, maximizing the ROI on my advertising spend.

ConvertKit Commerce

ConvertKit is leading the charge with this.  They offer paid digital products & downloads, paid newsletter sales, paid coaching session sales, and now a content paywall for WordPress users.  I’m excited to get deeper into this capability.

As with everything, CK offers great analytics with their commerce features.

The Founder

I’ve been a fan of ConvertKit’s founder, Nathan Barry, for many years.  Recently, I’ve had a chance to work closely with him and have been a reader of his newsletters, blogs, and books for a long while.  I think he is a solid, stand-up guy.  He’s humble, modest, laid-back, and thoughtful.  Those things are important to me, and I’ve demonstrated my willingness to walk away from platforms whose founders' values and personalities I can’t recommend.  Nathan is not that.


ConvertKit is not just a tool but a full-fledged asset to your digital marketing arsenal.

Its feature-rich environment, advanced analytics, and seamless integration capabilities make it an indispensable part of my business.

If you're serious about scaling your operations and fine-tuning your marketing strategies, ConvertKit offers capabilities that you won't find anywhere else.

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So, Who Is ConvertKit NOT for?

ConvertKit may not be for you if you are looking for the cheapest, most no-frills option. If you just need to draft a basic email every now & then, aren't trying to track or sell anything, and are OK with limited features.

ConvertKit is an email solution that I’m loving because I want to spend more time serving my clients than fretting over my email. It isn't one of those complicated email/CRM platforms that are so complicated you need a PhD to send a basic email.

I want am industry-leading companion in my business-building efforts.  The usability and flexibility of CK give me peace, which is priceless.

"The usability & flexibility of ConvertKit give me peace, which is priceless"

- Cori Willis

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