Why AppSumo Is Integral to My Business

Cori Willis

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When it comes to managing a team and acquiring software solutions, the balance between quality and cost is always a tightrope walk. Enter AppSumo: a marketplace for SaaS products that makes it easy for me to give my team the tools they need at an affordable price. 

In this blog, I’ll be dissecting the features of AppSumo that have significantly impacted my team's and my effectiveness while optimizing costs.

The Premise of AppSumo

The premise of AppSumo is that smaller SaaS companies use that platform for fundraising to help them develop or finish their products.  Some of the brands  have been around for years; some are newer.  

Oh, and, these are LTDs (lifetime deals) meaning, you pay once and are grandfathered into those features and terms - even as the software company grows and goes mainstream.

In exchange for the revenue they raise from us “early investors” is lifetime access to all future plan updates.

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Here’s What I’m Loving About AppSumo

Acquiring Multiple Software Seats & Users

Because AppSumo deals usually have multiple tiers to choose from, it is usually pretty easy to buy additional seats of the various software tools for my team to use.

The lowest tier is always for the solo user, which I bought many times as a solopreneur.  Now that I support 2-3 full-time team members and a small portfolio of brands, I buy higher tiers to accommodate them.  In fact, for some of my favorites, I have gone back and upgraded to higher tiers as my needs have grown.

The multiple seat feature allows me to allocate and reallocate resources as my team grows or shifts its focus. The flexibility that comes with this is hard to overstate and is in stark contrast to traditional software licensing models, which are generally rigid.

Direct Access to Eager Founders

Knowledge Spillover

Getting a chance to interact directly with the founders of the software you’re using is an underrated advantage. These interactions have often led to crucial insights and early access to features in development.

Community Building

The platform essentially fosters a sense of community among entrepreneurs. It isn't just a transactional relationship; it's a network of innovators trying to solve real-world problems. By giving access to the minds behind the products, AppSumo acts as a catalyst for symbiotic relationships.

Unfiltered Transparency: Reviews and Q&A

Peer-to-Peer Insights

It’s rare to find a platform where reviews and Q&As are not carefully curated by the founders themselves. The transparency in AppSumo’s review system allows for a more holistic understanding of a product’s pros and cons.

There also is a separate community forum where appSumo users and founders can interact and ask questions, make recommendations and receive updates on various purchases or features.

Crowdsourced Due Diligence

Because you can see questions and reviews from other entrepreneurs, you’re essentially benefiting from a form of crowdsourced due diligence. This often uncovers angles or considerations that might not have been apparent at first glance.

I have discovered helpful use cases for things that I hadn’t considered, but which ended up being very helpful for my specific situation.

Real Human Interaction

The marketplace feels less like a faceless corporation and more like a community of innovators. The direct access to founders and transparent review systems contribute to this.

You get to see how the founders respond to customer issues in real time.  Because the character of the people I buy from is important to me, I am very sensitive to how they behave in forums like this.

Some founders hold live demos or live Q&A sessions for AppSumo customers.

Safety & Assurance

Because of the trust AppSumo has built up, I feel safer using it to purchase software brands that I might not have considered buying directly - especially in their early stages.

AppSumo also offers 12 months of purchase protection for companies that have gone out of business within 12 months after purchase.  I have bought over 100+ tools from AppSumo and, maybe,  1-3 have gone under, usually because the technology supporting their SaaS moved away from them and became obsolete.

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Who AppSumo Is Not For?

  • People who prefer customized, high-end solutions.
  • People who aren’t comfortable with fledgling software brands.
  • People who require all bells & whistles RIGHT. NOW.  I’ve watched some of these brands grow and grow into legit competitors to be reckoned with in their spaces.  But, many use AppSumo cash infusions to propel that growth.
  • People who need loads of time and years to consider their tech purchases.  These deals come & go relatively quickly.
  • People with gambling problems.  These deals are so good that you might feel triggered to bet on all of them.
  • You don’t trust Third World entrepreneurs.  While many are American and otherwise from the West, many are building their start-ups in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Australia.
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"AppSumo has turned out to be a cornerstone of my team's software ecosystem."

- Cori Willis


The internet is democratizing access to entrepreneurship.  I love that AppSumo allows me access to great minds and smart problem-solvers from all over the US and the world, and often find myself rooting for the underdog and celebrating their wins from afar.  

AppSumo isn’t just another software marketplace; it's a game-changer for team management and resource allocation. From its multi-seat buying features to unfiltered community reviews, the platform offers flexibility, transparency, and efficiency. 

Whether you're a startup looking to scale or an established business seeking to optimize team costs, I think, AppSumo is an invaluable asset that deserves your attention.  Whenever a software need comes up, I always start with a search on AppSumo.

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